The closed loop solution.

Maximise the value of your tech and hit your sustainability
targets with our closed-loop services.


Recover assets safely and securely from customer premises

Safe and secure decommissioning and removal of “end-of-life” assets for sustainable processing

Our partner company, N2S provides a professional WEEE collection and recovery service, and technicians who excel at working safely and securely in live customer environments – or to supplement existing in-house capabilities. 

We conduct sensitive management of data-bearing devices on-site, in transit, and whilst stored for processing at one of N2S’s specialist facilities.  An on-site mobile data destruction service is also available, providing certification for individual devices as required.


Reuse assets and components.

Promoting sustainability by finding new opportunities to extend the use of IT equipment into a ‘second life’.

Working with our partner company, N2S, we use our industry expertise and experience to identify equipment suitable for use elsewhere. A detailed refurbishment programme includes the safe and secure wiping of any pre-existing data, benefitting the environment by extending the working life of IT equipment. We work closely with public and private sector partners, also in education and overseas markets to give a new lease of life to ‘pre-owned’ equipment. 


Dismantle equipment for components, spares and raw materials

Products are dismantled to re-use and recycle components and raw materials back into the supply chain, creating a circular economy

Equipment at the end of its usable working life is broken down into individual components and raw materials.  We take great care in striving to achieve our objective of ‘zero to landfill’.  Even low-grade waste, including plastics is recovered for recycling.  N2S and Bioscope take pride in finding new and innovative ways of sustainably recovering all materials, either for spares, re-use or raw materials, returning them to the supply chain for the manufacture of new goods.


Environmentally-friendly recycling of all materials, precious and rare metals

We are developing new solutions to recover rare and precious materials without harming the environment

Bioscope is developing clean and safe alternatives to high temperature smelting and the use of harmful chemicals and acids to recover precious, rare and base metals.  Our scientists and engineers are innovating new uses of bio-technology within large-scale facilities to commercially extract base elements from manufactured electronic assemblies. Retaining processing close to the sources of electronic waste, we are actively reducing the need to transport large quantities of material.  We are working with industry and environmental agencies to change the way we do things collectively, providing a more sustainable approach to the process of recycling electronic waste.


Bespoke environmental and carbon reporting

Science-based metrics to support your #netzero targets

We provide a leading-edge environmental dashboard that demonstrates how you are contributing to carbon avoidance and the UN Sustainable Development Goals through sustainable disposition of IT. The volume of equipment disposed of is converted to CO2 avoidance and water savings and shows the number of devices reused or recycled. The data can be contextualised and made relevant to you and your stakeholders.