The most secure, sustainable way to #netzeronow.

Our new bio-refining methods are fundamentally changing the technology life cycle.  We are providing a cleaner, more sustainable way of recovering valuable metals, replacing traditional treatments that use high-temperature and chemical recovery.

The closed loop solution.

Maximise the value of your tech
and hit your sustainability targets
with our closed-loop services.
Bioscope integrates seamlessly with
existing recycling operations,
providing exciting new applications
of clean bio-technology – without
using high-temperature smelting
and harmful chemicals and
acids to recover base metals.

the tech cycle.

Bioscope is changing the
paradigm by discovering new
ways of processing Critical Raw
Materials through our
biotechnologies. We are totally
committed to driving functional
change throughout the
technology recycling sector.

Our accreditations, your peace-of-mind.

Bioscope works with our customers and partners to drive higher standards with sustainability embedded at their core.  With our partner company, N2S, and organisations engaged in the recycling process, our services are tested and certified compliant against the most rigorous regulatory standards.  A member of Defra’s eSustainability Alliance, our services are NCSC Certified to CAS-S secret levels. N2S also hold a WEEE licence.  

We lobby, support and collaborate with agencies, organisations and like-minded partners to ensure regulatory change evolves with technological advancement for rapid, industry-wide environmental improvement.